CAP Graphic & Web Design is located in Chico, CA and currently serves Northern California. In 2001 CAP Graphics began creating artwork & advertisements for businesses in the the downtown Chico area. The success of  CAP Graphic's clients is the determining factor of CAP Graphics continued growth. CAP Graphics began working with two quarterly publications in Chico, the Chico Coupon Directory and the Lotus Guide magazine. The exposure of CAP Graphics designs in these two publications has allowed for exposure and continued growth of CAP Graphics. If you are in the Chico area, be sure to look in the mail for the Chico Coupon Directory and pick-up a copy of the Lotus Guide or view it digitally here to read some great articles and see some of CAP Graphics latest work.

CAP Graphics has the ability to create the artwork you need for your product or service. Allow CAP Graphics to help you create your entire advertisement campaign...logos, brochures, display ad design, business cards, letterhead, banners and more...



CAP Graphics is owned and operated by Craig Perry. Craig graduated from California State University Chico in 2001 with a BA in Communication Design with an Option in Media Arts. Craig has over 12 years experience in graphic arts with extensive knowledge in Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4 and InDesign CS4 for print and Joomla Content Management System for developing websites.


Thanks again for your interest in CAP Graphic & Web Design!