Since 2004 CAP Graphic & Web has been working with the Chico Coupon Directory to  help design a full color coupon directory for the Chico area. Every three months, the Chico Coupon Directory is mailed to over 45,000 households and 110,000 readers. Look for it in the mail if you are in the Chico, CA area. Some amazing deals inside!

Over the years of working with the Chico Coupon Directory, it has given CAP Graphics the opportunity to work with many local businesses. The success of these businesses determines the success of CAP Graphics.

Many thanks to Pam & Geoff of the Chico Coupon Directory for the continued growth and business!


CAP Graphic & Web Design began working with the Lotus Guide as their graphic designer in October of 2006.  The Lotus Guide is a Directory for Healthy Living and a great resource for local holisitc practioners. The Lotus Guide reaches over 20,000 readers every three months in Chico, Grass Valley, Mt. Shasta and surrounding areas.

The Lotus Guide is also distributed as a digital publication. Your publication could easily be hosted on a website at NO additional cost and viewable by anyone in the world. Please click here if you would like to see the digital edition of the Lotus Guide.

CAP Graphic and Web is so lucky and extremely grateful to have to opportunity to work with Dhara & Rahasya of the Lotus Guide. Working with the two of them has truly given CAP Graphic & Web an opportunity to grow. 

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